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Lingua Nada - もしもしSupermagic TAPE

Lingua Nada - もしもしSupermagic TAPE


limited to 100 

released by bharal tapes

“The もしもしSupermagic Compilation”, the newest offering from Leipzig, Germany’s LINGUA NADA is a particularly imaginative work full of tasty distortions and cross-genre twists, including garage rock, noise rock, post hardcore, indie rock, and more instrumentations that expand far beyond the boundaries of standard and more radio friendly rockin’. - Idioteq 

"Some of the garbage songs we´ve recorded as もしもし, that we won´t put on vinyl or do any release with. We didn´t expect anyone to ask us about it, to be honest we´d rather talk about our upcomming split with Paan, the release of Shapeshift, the size of our private or you know, sutff that matters. We don´t want to give importance to this compilation. 
I mean we would but....we´re not Ty Segall, we won´t release a whole record out of every pieces of shit we end up shredding. We ´re just going to leave it there on bandcamp and do a few tapes with Lala Schallpletten so a bunch of fat mid 30s german hipsters can buy them for the price of a vegan quarter pounder and say stuff like « waw i luv zee lo-fi produkzion on dat tape » or some shits like that and let it be forgotten in the deepweb, that´s where it belongs. "